• Tourist Visa Details:-

  • Note : Personal appearance required for first time applicant


    Visa not issued

  • Business Visa Details:-

    • Passport valid at least six months
    • 3 visa forms(Typed Only)
    • 3 Photographs with white background 35 x 45mm
    • Covering letter for stating purpose of visit from company
    • Recommendation letter from Indian Chamber of Commerce
    • Business invitation from Syrian Company attested by Syrian chamber of Commerce and one copy fax directly in Embassy also
    • Return confirm ticket
    • Foreign Exchange at least USA 500
    • Company registration Certificate
    • Company balance sheets last three years
    • bank statements last six months personal and company both
    • Tax Returns last three years personal and company both

    Visa Fee:-  2200/- (Single entry)
                   3500/- (Multiple entry